My name is Nathan LaPré, a software engineer looking to solve tough problems in technology.

Riverside, CA


Software Developer


Spring 2017 - Now

Designed, implemented, and tested features of the cross-platform ArcGIS Runtime SDK, my work focused primarily on the core C++ layer of the codebase. Worked on a long-term project to support complex map symbology in 2D and 3D. Implemented support for ETC2 compressed textures when displaying objects in 3D scenes. Added hundreds of missing unit and functional tests for areas of the SDK. Led an initiative to push for improved documentation, and wrote documentation for multiple features.

Software Engineering Intern


Summer 2016

Worked on the release team for the ESRI Runtime SDKs. Developed and automated functional tests in .NET and Xamarin Forms.

Software Freelancer


Spring 2016 - Now

Created mapping-based web applications under the direction of a professional cartographer using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Leaflet.

Software Engineering Intern

UCR CHASS College Computing

Spring 2014 - Now

Created, maintained, and updated web applications for the University. Assisted in research by setting up lab server software. Administrated systems for University staff and students.


World Tennis Calendar

Visualization of tennis tournaments in 2016. Tournaments are plotted on a map, then filterable from the control panel on the left. Written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (with a lot of jQuery). With demap.


Decide where to eat! Deciduous helps groups figure out the best place around them to eat. Don't go back and forth anymore trying to figure out a place - Deciduous offers only two choices each time, which will narrow down a Google Places API query that will return three random options for where to eat. The options link to Google Maps, so you can get going quickly. Made in 12 hours in HTML, CSS, and node.js. Hosted on OpenShift.


Used the ESRI ArcGIS Geotrigger API, Firebase, and a Heroku instance running node.js to create an Android app that alerts the user when they walk into a UCR campus building. It tells the user which building they're in. Useful for campus tours or orientation. Created in ~36 hours at a hackathon.


ServerBot is a Slack bot that can automatically create, delete, and manage Heroku servers, including logging and multi-language support. With the bot, you can put server management in the same channel where you communicate. Done as a team for school, in a few weeks.


This site is Jekyll-generated, then modified afterwards. It's hosted on DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04. LetsEncrypt provides the SSL. Fun!


Remake the costly student polling clicker system for mobile devices, as a web app. Done at a hackathon in 24 hours.


BSc Computer Science


Graduating 2017

Regent's Scholar at UCR. Topics of study include: Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming, Automata and Formal Languages, Computer Security, Unix System Administration, and more.